Interview with HUREN – SCENE

Published by Alessandro Violante on September 7, 2019

A product of the meeting of Alessandro “FLUX” Violante and of Countermeasures Electronics


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22219645_10159375244665481_7311558257086921509_oWell there’s no use arguing it’s Berlin Babylon Mutherfuckers! The lineups and sheer activity is unlike anywhere on the planet for heavier darker electronic music I don’t consider it a city – it’s an artist resort ! A place on it’s own time line where one never has to grow up! One has to be careful with the pace as it’s too much for a human. I thought it might ebb a bit but by all indication its expanding to new levels… Funny story to conclude, the last week I was out almost everyday on from the Ostgut Party at Berghain, Altar of Nyx at Griessemuehle and Ron Morelli, Silent Servant, Rhys Fulber at Tresor and several times I was recognized by randoms and ALSO mistaken for Tommy 47 and Adam X ! So things tell me it’s getting massive for the freaks!




In theory is a wonderful invention but of course it’s gone well astray…The Net is a McLuhanesque Medium-as-Extension-of-the-Nervous-System used for mental and political control by the corporate sponsors and law enforcement- all for us to enthusiastically provide our personal info to… There’s no middle ground with it anymore. We’ve all been assimilated. No going back! I’ve drastically reduced the time I spend on it as I can’t bear about 90+% of the content it force feeds ad infinitum… I feel its a last gasp of rebellion to nurture one’s private self without online influence.