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FLUX. Musical art, conjunct of sound. Artistic and musical flow. Flow as the extreme form of communication, without a reply, silent communication among monitors, among tools. Form of communication in the world of non-communication. Artistic and musical. Art that expresses itself and is expressed inasmuch process of synthesis, music, synshesized too. A Gesamkunstwerk. Digital arts are born with these premises. Nam June Paik transforms music into video as audio is video and video is audio. Not necessarily music, but sound. Sonic emission. Nothing more but this. In the industrial cities the new music, in the research centers the new art. Not anymore in the stadiums is the first, nor in the museums is the second. The delocalization, non-music, non-art. It’s only this. Hic et nunc. FLUX. Musical art, conjunct of sound.

Logo and sine image designed by: Fabrizio Mastio Graphic Designer

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