Interview with HUREN – MEDIA

Published by Alessandro Violante on September 7, 2019

A product of the meeting of Alessandro “FLUX” Violante and of Countermeasures Electronics


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in 2019 is an Absurdist enterprise… However it’s one of the last remaining items the consumers still pay money for along with merch… Unexpectedly I’ve released more tapes in the last 5 years than the previous 30 I’ve been doing music so at the end of the day I’m all for ‘em ! HOME TAPING IS KILLING THE MUSIC BUSINESS!


in 2019 likewise represents a last gasp of the old collapsed marketing apparatus . Certainly it has all these wonderful attributes like the ritual of putting it on a nice Thorens deck with an audiophile cartridge… Simply put it’s an institution so there’s no point arguing it’s universal place in music. However upon recollection while I abandoned CD’s like everyone else I can at this point conclude that it was the media I had the most connection . I vividly recall how excited I was to get my first


A-26689-1477539709-8788.jpegplayer back in ’88 for Xmas and how I would always save up to get the more expensive CD version of the release and in the 90’s it blew my mind when they became “Interactive” with primitive software and presentations hahaha! … Also in those days a lot of releases particularly experimental industrial were CDONLY. I’d love to become as thrilled as the first time I listened on repeat to “The Fad Gadget Singles” or Clock DVA “Man Amplified” and a slew of others… I have a feeling it will have a Renaissance again as they’re as small of an imprint to make as cassette so less of a risk than vinyl…