Uncrat – You make me original

Published by Davide Pappalardo on July 3, 2019

uncrat.jpgUncrat is the alias of Italian dj Donato Liuzzi, a new artist of the European scene specialized in crafting emotional, aggressive and captivating techno music. He mixes acid techno elements with raw electro attacks, conjuring a hypnotizing sound with melodic ambiances and rhythmic IDM-influenced passages.

After works like Bond Unstable ‎and Conchoidal ‎(2015, 2016 – SUBSIST) and A Present For My Plant (2018, Proper Line) he now returns for his own label Proper Line with the new Ep You Make Me Original. Expect four tracks informed by pounding bass sounds and sharp lines, as well as retro melodies and acid soundscapes.

Moreal welcomes us with shrilling effects soon conquered by steady rhythmic patterns and cutting snare drums, an eletric sabbath underlined by soulful flutes. The track follows a frantic structure adding various rhythmic elements during its crescendo and reaching an emotional climax. The title track dwells in old-school electro elements reminiscent of minimal wave and the pioneers of electronic music, without forfeiting modern lysergic atmospheres. A stomping percussion dominates the episode for all of its duration, but sudden meditative pauses are not excluded.

Acid roll returns to syncopated structures and rigid moments with stomping effects. Snares and sci-fi blips guide us among cyber-highways in a frenzied dance, while the drum still punishes us with its strong beats. Gabe roger ends the Ep with mesmerizing synths and distorted effects, evoking a majestic scenario soon destabilized by pounding marches and eerie atmospheres. The mechanical movement skillfully combines beauty and aggression in a final statement.

If you like proper techno with old-school elements and some new twists, look no further. Uncrat manages to create four different track with their own vision and identity without straying away from the artist character. Have a listen!

Label: Proper Line

Rating: 7,5