Medicina – Turboacido

Published by Davide Pappalardo on January 20, 2019

Medicina-TurboacidoMedicina are a Spanish trio hailing from Algeciras, Andalusia. They are formed by Alberto Ruiz Gonzalez, David Ruiz Donoso and Jose aka “Pot” Moreno, the first two being 90’s rock veterans who played in bands such as Xudor Barato, Ballet Violencia, Viaje a 800, while Jose comes from the psychedelic, space rock collective Atavismo and plays in Viaje a 800, too.

Inspired by bands like Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Spacemen 3 and Loop, they fuse together alternative rock, post-punk, shoegaze, space rock, giving us an evocative and atmospheric take on the genre. Sparse sounds and emotional elements with 70’s and 90’s vibes dominate their music, without forfeiting psychedelic suits with technical characteristics.

Turboacido is the name of their first full length, published for the Austrian label Mai Lei Bel. Here we will find the aforementioned sounds in 10 tracks with lysergic atmospheres, grandiose rock soundscapes, and a modus operandi evoking droning post-punk structures and robust rock riffs and grooves. Their music is not a tour de force into a nightmare world, instead their aim is the evoking of a melancholic and peaceful inner world.

Infarto juvenil starts the work with its rock vibes and nice vocals, a union of sombre riffs and sparse rhythms enriched by harmonious 70’s refrains. Psychedelic motifs and engaging old-school atmospheres dominates the track without forfeiting a robust songwriting. Hermanas employs alternative elements and early 90’s sounds, moving between shrilling riffs and captivating sing-along moments. Some post-punk moments are added to the equation, but the sound is not dark or brooding.

Pirotecnias presents distorted riffs and controlled rhythms, employing once again 70’s sounds and space rock soundscapes, and Sensorial dwells even deeper with its almost 60’s vocal reverbs and bass lines, adding cosmic synths and hypnotizing loops. Ensamble starts with low-tuned motifs and elegant rhythmic patterns, giving us a serpentine structure upon which charming vocals and acid riffs are layered.

Histamina ends the album with its robust and straight to the point rock made of frantic rhythms and engaging riffs. Vocals full of reverb and a well developed songwriting present us a track in which grandiose moments create an almost epic atmosphere. The song is characterized by some technical grooves and surprising changes of peace, showing us the potential for further experimentation.

Turboacido is a peculiar work with strong old-school vibes and a firm psychedelic feelings, which doesn’t shy away from melodic elements and rock-driven moments. A not overly complicated songwriting knows how to seduce the listener, but it doesn’t mean there are no technical skills at play here. If you are interested in this kind of music, you will find here a well executed homage to vintage sounds with hints of personal touches and some more recent elements.

Label: Mai Lei Bel

Rating: 7