Interview with In Atlas

Published by Alessandro Violante on January 10, 2023

In Atlas is a new project active in Copenhagen, which debut album, entitled Venus Forever, is a kaleidoscopic release, defined as “art-pop”. Within Venus Forever, we find art pop, minimal synth, EBM, techno, electronica and experimental music influences. This combination of different styles makes it more interesting and difficult to label it. We talk more in-depth about it with the artist.

Hi! It’s a pleasure to talk with you about the project In Atlas on our website. What can you tell us about it?

Hi, likewise. Thanks for having me!

Well actually In Atlas has been my artist name for quite some years now, so in fact it’s not that new. I’ve had a few self-released tracks earlier and an EP release in 2020. But these past two years i’ve been pouring much more energy into the project and I was now finally ready to release my debut album!

I’ve appreciated very much Venus Forever especially because I’ve found this is a very various release. That’s a thing I appreciate a lot when listening to music. Would you like to talk about the album?

I’m really happy that’s how you experience it.

I think it captures all sides of me. I’m punk by heart, but I’m also super pop. To me well written melodies are everything, but so is energy and intimacy. When I was writing the album, I was sometimes a bit confused and in doubt if the album was too varied and all over the place. Can you have an 80’s sounding synth track, a soft pop track with autotune and a 140 bpm techno track all in one release? That’s when I realized I could just think of it all as “Art-pop” in that way it felt like everything was acceptable to do.

The idea for the album came together when global lockdowns came along. I had just finished an album (Chaos Brings Order) with my Greek music partner ‘Venus Volcanism’ and we were super excited about playing it live and going on tour with it. Unfortunately this wasn’t possible due to the pandemic, and I experienced a total loss inside of me, missing her like crazy – it was completely like a heartbreak. That made me think of love between friends, and how much im addicted to that. So I wanted to make a tribute to platonic love with this album using organic sounds, explosions (you can hear them all through the album), what’s app recordings from Venus Volcanism etc.

How much moving to Copenhagen has influenced the sound of the album? Which songs have been composed in Greece and which ones in Denmark?

All of the songs have been written and produced in Denmark by myself with some help from Alexander Salomonsen (Repro). But I can definitely hear that some of the tracks are very influenced by the Greek scene. I’m especially talking about the more synth-driven and EBM influenced tracks.

In Venus Forever we find echoes of art-pop (Softer Heart), minimal synth (My Red Little Rose), EBM (Ante Sto Diaolo), techno (Witches), electronica (Wildfire, Atoms) and experimental (Everything Without A Body). I would like to congratulate you, as everything sounds very well together. How have you discovered these music styles?

Oh thanks a lot! That’s a good question. When I was younger I used to go to the library in Copenhagen and borrow all kind of cd’s. Most of the time I didn’t knew the artists, but just looked at the covers and if I found it interesting I would take it home and copy it to my desktop computer. Some of the cd’s were total crap, but some of them amazing and super weird. It was like digging for treasures the analog way and in that way I learned to appreciate many different styles of music.

My time in Athens has definetely also developed my music taste in a more “dirty” direction. I’ve always listened to punk, but when I came to Athens I think I realised that you can also hear punk in techno and in the electronic scene, I think that was new to me. Punk doesn’t need to be guitars and acoustic drums, it’s all about attitude.

I’ve seen the catalogue number of this release is ATLAS23. Have you previously released other releases prior to Venus Forever? Which label has released your debut album?

Venus Forever is a self-release as my EP “Glass & Marble” was. I don’t really have the patience to wait around for someone who wants to release it, it’s much easier doing it yourself these days. Its just ATLAS23 because the album is out 2023.

How much the previous experience with the post-punk project V.V.I.A. has influenced the sound of In Atlas?

A lot! You can actually say, that if it wasn’t for V.V.I.A. this album wouldn’t exist, since it has been developed in the absense of V.V. (Venus Volcanism). But musically speaking it has of course also influenced the album. When i’m making music with Venus Volcanism we are all about imperfection, and that fun and playful approach is something i’m trying to take with me when creating music as In Atlas. To just play around and add random effects on sounds, reverse them, cut them up, be a little messy.

In Atlas

In Atlas

I’ve read that actually Venus Forever will be only released in digital format. It would be great also to release it in a physical format. What do you think about it?

Yeah I would love to have a physical release, unfortunately it wasn’t possible with this one, next one hopefully!

I’ve read you’re actually playing your music live. In which contexts are you playing it? Where could we listen to it?

Yes, playing live is one of my favourite things in the world. When i’m playing live i’m mostly in total concentration and it’s almost like meditating, or running a marathon. On the 13th of January when the album comes out I’m throwing a release party in Copenhagen and I have big expectations. I’m having Venus Volcanism come up and play beautiful rizitiko (Cretan traditional music) for us. Two of my best friends have created a poetic piece about platonic love, presented on the night. There will be lasers, smoke and visuals, and a celloplayer accompanying me on stage. If you can’t make it on the 13th, I’m sure there will be more concerts coming up and i’m also always available for bookings!

Are you already working on new music?

Yes I am. I like to draw, make collages and visualise a concept when I make new music and I have just begun this process with a new album. I’m still trying to feel out what the album is about, but I have a few ideas. It’s always a bit scary standing in front of a blank canvas.

Thanks for the time you’ve dedicated us. If you want, greet our readers and invite them to listen to Venus Forever!

As I mentioned earlier, the album is out on January 13th, and you can find it on all streaming services. Thank you very much for taking your time to listen to my music, it means the world to me! Love as we know it in a romantic context is constantly covered and celebrated in popular culture, and I think it’s as important, if not more important, to celebrate platonic love. This idea has been present in my mind since starting the album and I think of it as a small revolution in itself. We need more revolutions.