FLUX Webzine Top Albums

Published by Alessandro Violante on December 29, 2020

We present the FLUX Webzine Top 5 2020 chart. This time we’ve chosen five albums instead of ten. The chart is provided by Alessandro “FLUX” Violante, Davide Pappalardo, Melissa Lynne Strain and Richard Fowler. Each Top 5 presents our favourite releases of this year in no particular order.

FLUX Top 5 2020 Chart

FLUX Top 5 2020 Chart

Alessandro “FLUX” Violante

LVRIN – LVRIN II (Pinkman Records)

Maenad Veyl – Reassessment (Veyl)

V.A. Broken + Wings (Dead By Overdose)

Nghtly – Illusione Dell’Essere (Clan Destine Records)

Unhuman & Petra Flurr – Cause Of Chaos (She Lost Kontrol)

Davide Pappalardo

The Loud Age – The Second Siren (Persephonic Sirens)

PIG – Pain Is God (Metropolis)

Rhys Fulber – Diaspora (Aufnhame+Wiedergabe)

Blakk Harbor – A Modern Dialect (Self released)

Bestial Mouths – RESURRECTEDINBLACK (Rune & Ruin)

Melissa Lynne Strain

Restive Plaggona – Sadness Party (Several Minor Premises)

Maenad Veyl – Reassessment (Veyl)

Disociacion – Massive Mental Control (Of Dolls And Murder)

Linea Aspera – LP II (Self released)

Pablo Bozzi – Walk On Wire (Bite)

Richard Fowler

Jeff Carey – index[off] (Self released)

Calum Gunn – Paradox Of Choice (OOH-sounds)

Dadub – Hypersynchron (Ohm Resistance)

Aho Ssan – Simulacrum (Subtext)

Autechre – SIGN (Warp)