FLUX Webzine Top Albums

Published by Alessandro Violante on December 29, 2022

We present the FLUX Webzine Top 5 2022 chart. The chart is provided by Alessandro “FLUX” Violante, Davide Pappalardo, Melissa Lynne Strain and Richard Fowler. Each Top 5 presents our favourite releases of this year in no particular order.

Alessandro “FLUX” Violante

Phase Fatale – Burning the rural district (Hospital Productions)

Swarm Intelligence – Swarm intelligence 001 (Swarm Intelligence)

Broken English Club – The artificial animal (Death & Leisure)

Fret – Because of the weak (L.I.E.S. Records)

Mind | Matter – Les brumes de l’abandon (Persephonic Sirens)

Davide Pappalardo

The Soft Moon – Exister (Sacred Bones Records)

Street Sects – Gentrification V: Whitewashed (Flenser Records)

Arnaud Rebotini – Occhiali Neri (Blackstrobe Records)

Boy Harsher – The Runner (Nude Club Records)

Blush Response – Shockpoint (Megastructure_)

Melissa Lynne Strain

Pablo Bozzi – Street Reign (Pinkman)

Minuit Machine – 24 (Synth Religion)

Crystal Geometry – I stare into darkness (Bloc Noir)

Soft Crash – Your last everything (Bite Records)

The Soft Moon – Exister (Sacred Bones Records)

Richard Fowler

Roland Kayn – Infra (R, RM) (Reiger Records Reeks)

TOT ONYX – Senno I (iDEAL Recordings)

Kotra – Radness Methods (Prostir)

Albert Van Abbe & Jochem Paap – General Audio (Avian)

Holy Scum – Strange Desires (Rocket Recordings)