FLUX IN THE MIX #7 – Hypnoskull “Anti Techno mix”

Published by Alessandro Violante on January 10, 2018

Patrick Stevens “Hypnoskull”

One year after the last “IN THE MIX” chapter with the writer Jennifer Wallis, author of the book “Fight Your Own War”, focused on power electronics, we come back with a live recorded new mix of Patrick Stevens, Hypnoskull, active since 25 years in the field of techno and industrial music, so called “technoïd”, with an interest in media art (a subject we’ve often explored in our articles), Patrick Stevens began as a techno producer, then became one of the most important Ant-Zen musicians. He’s also been part of the legendary group Sonar. Here he presents a fully live recorded mix featuring only untitled material, recorded with drum machines and samplers. Everything you’ll listen to is new. The mix is entitled “Anti Techno Mix”. The concept of “Anti Techno”, according to his words, “is a kind of reaction against the trends out there that call every kind of techno with a distorted kick ‘industrial techno’.”

flux-in-the-mix-7-hypnoskull-antitechnoRead the full interview here and get ready for this music experience.