Flux: A press release

Published by Davide Pappalardo on January 2, 2020

PageLines- fluxlogo1.jpgIn the wake of a recent interview and some negative feedbacks about it, we at Flux feel some points need to be addressed and clarified. First of all, it’s important people understand the nature, aims, story of Flux. Flux is not an advertising platform. We take no profits, no money from what we do. Not a dime. We earn the respect from artits, people, listeners, readers. Flux takes a lot of time from us, it’s a work a passion since day 1. Flux wants to describe, talk about, give space to music we like, we feel needs a spot. We have only an affiliation: with (mainly) underground electronic music with a soft spot for industrial in all of its many forms. We will ever censor only racism, sexism, homophobia (as of now, we never needed to). We will never censor anyone’s opinion about music, a scene, or bands. These are the facts, we will follow our nature and soul always – expect a great 2020 with us and with great music.