Abbildung – At the gates of ouln

Published by Davide Pappalardo on February 10, 2019

AbbildungAbbildung is the dark ambient/field-recordings project of Romanian artist Casian Stefan, the owner of Essentia Mundi label. The name comes from the picture theory of meaning articulated by Ludwig Wittgenstein in Tractatus Logico-Philosophicusa, and the music is based on this philosophical theory that was extended and applied in music and imagery.

Starting from 2005 he has published many different albums, like Dunkles Wissenschaftliches Sachverhalten (‎Essentia Mundi/Ancient Beliefs, 2005), the collaboration with Kunstorm Monolith (Essentia Mundi, 2009) and All Demons Are Horned ‎(Winter-Light, 2015).

Now he returns for the Dutch label with At The Gates Of Ouln, a new work characterized by ‎dark ambient soundscapes enriched by field-recordings and droning elements. We envision a voyage in a parallel world made of dreamy passages and eerie atmospheres.

The long track Brejor welcomes us with its dark tones and organ pipes, developing a ceremonial atmosphere. It evolves into a charismatic ambient piece with melancholic undertones and skillfully crafted scenarios, showing even ominous moments. Astrolatry is an ancient mantra with bell sounds and ghostly rituals, a soothing episode with Gregorian chants and mysterious sounds. The loop guides us among grandiose ambiances and mystic elements.

Travellers of eternal spheres is another descent into the netherworld, a climax made of eerie chants and long-form droning soundscapes. Epic motifs and sudden subtle changes build a movement with captivating qualities. Abyme ends the work with its crawling distortions, evoking a broodier world made of ghoulish images and dramatic atmospheres. A growing tension sees filed-recordings and obsessive loops, hypnotizing the listener.

An evoking and enchanting work made of dark atmospheres and more uplifting moments, enriched by organ sounds, eerie soundscapes, and grim atmospheres. A voyage into another world, deserving a focused listening experience. Another good release by the label specialized in dark and moving ambient music.

Label: Winter-Light

Rating: 7