Coal – Coal

Published by Davide Pappalardo on May 29, 2019

CoalCoal is a new exciting project hailing from Germany, which mixes EBM, punk, noise, alternative metal and claustrophobic broken rhythms. Oliver Kohlenberg (vocals) and Anthony Arcana (electronics, drums, guitars) present to the world a highly chaotic and unforgiving experience with its own character, a modern take on underground music informed even by hip hop and hardcore as well as by chopped rhythmic obsessions.

They now debut on the top-quality label Instruments Of Discipline with their first 5-track EP Coal, a fierce and unrelenting work aiming to destroy rigid categories and fashionable sounds. A rejection of hive-mentality in the music scenario and daily life, and an honest representation of the uglier expects of the world.

Wwitch attacks us with brooding ambiances and rhythmic marches underlined by guitar feedbacks full of distortion, a compulsive mantra soon violated by hoarse vocals full of spite and venom. The grandiose atmosphere evokes a strong sense of dread and aggression, and the use of a “metal style” for snare drums perfectly complete the songwriting. Insect human dwells into noisier territories with power electronics elements and destructive guitar loops. Shouted vocals collide with broken rhythms and subtle modular sounds in a sonic mayhem of extreme magnitude.

Spiritual execution starts with sampled flies reminding us of Nine Inch NailsEraser, then it showcases unforgiving steel-like beats and thunderous industrial percussions. The pummeling track is a rhythmic mantra which works as an interlude for the next number Nailed, a mutant-hip-hop pastiche with ranting vocal deliveries and stressful atmospheres. A strong crossover appeal supported by looping guitars and furious rhythmic pattern is here presented, taking elements from hardcore, trap and post-metal.

Rest in piss ends the EP with a slower peace characterized by mechanical mantras and droning sounds upon which malicious vocals are layered. The almost acid atmosphere works wonderfully with the monolithic track, and the use of feedbacks enhances the distorted vibe with dub qualities.

A breath of fresh air in a scene stuck with many copycats and unoriginal projects, a duo refusing to conform and to indulge to trendy vintage sounds or club-oriented material. Taking many clues from “outside sources” thy build a sound of their own which aims to the manifestation in music of urban decay and a nihilistic view of modern world. Black and hot as coal itself, this EP will leave you overwhelmed.

Label: Instruments Of Discipline

Rating: 8