Blush Response – Body architect

Published by Davide Pappalardo on May 15, 2016

blush-response-body-architectLet’s talk again about the restless brainchild of Berlin based Cuban American Joey Gonzales, the ever incredible Blush Response, which has already produced two works during 2016, Reshaper for Ant-Zen and Rebirthed in the Sprawl for Total Black. Experimental, adventurous, ever exploring new paths and different ways to use his gears and the influence of EBM, techno, rhythmic noise and much more: that’s Blush Response for you, an ever changing, but at the same time coherent, beast that never rests and produces different works under different formats and labels, always straying away from any convention and easy path.

Now he returns under Aufnahme+Wiedergabe, a label that has already published his EP Future Tyrants in 2015, with a new 12” called Body Architect, where he returns to his post-techno sound full of rhythmic sequences, harsh and syncopated motifs, electro-body movements and analogic sounds, with four tracks linked by a conceptual and musical theme based on a structure, a body made of different sounds and interpretations, full of hypnotic and energic sound design.

We start with Body artifact and its strong, resolute rhythm and crawling sounds, completed by steel beats and distorted snares. An acid atmosphere dominates this first manifestation of the work, a perfect score for an imaginary dystopian movie. Body artifex elaborates the sound direction in a more syncopated and obsessive way, before it explodes in a triumph of combat-like hard, hitting beats, while Body rhythm gives us, not by chance, a rhythmic crescendo full of sharp effects and techno patterns enriched by stomping movements. The title track close the EP with a groovy and lysergic modular number where we have a building progression thanks to the adding of different elements in a distorted ride.

Once again an example of modern, challenging, but at the same time enthralling, electronic body music where techno, industrial and rhythmic noise become something new, knocking down all the walls in favour of a never satisfied research. But a purely intellectual exercise this is not: we have music made to be lived physically here, music for a modern robotic dance in a cybernetic nightly dancefloor. Highly recommended as always.

Label: Aufnahme+Wiedergabe

Rating: 8